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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Updated Etsy Shop

Well, I've finally gotten more items in my Etsy Shop.

Sometimes it seems like making the jewelry is the easy part! After that's done, the work begins.

Writing the copy.
Measuring the jewelry.
Editing photos.

Realizing that every single shot you just took of that bracelet is slightly out of focus and reshooting it.

Going back to reshoot and discovering that your 2-year-old decided he wanted the "blankie" you were using as a backdrop and it's now on the couch, and everything that was on it is now on the floor.

Finally getting the shot you need, editing it, and starting the upload. On dial-up.
Waiting. . .

What did I learn? Pretty basic things for veteran ebayers or estyians, but not for newbies like me:
  • Use naptime. This, like many other things is much easier when the little ones are not underfoot.
  • Work in a production-line when possible--once you get your settings set, take all the pictures at once, edit at once and upload when you can.
  • Keep your backgrounds similar or at least consistent in color tones--this provides a more unified look to your listings.
  • When taking your pictures, don't forget to leave plenty of cropping room so you can edit it into a square for uploading to Etsy.
  • Artistic shots are nice, but make sure your work is the focus.
  • Don't forget to measure each piece as you photograph it or when you're writing the copy, and WRITE IT DOWN. After 3 or 4, if you're like me you can't remember which bracelet was 8 inches long and which was 7.
  • Keep the copy for each item in a Word (or your favorite word processing) file, along with any standard things you want to say (in my case, information about Argentium Sterling Silver) and your basic product tags and labels for those times you are brain dead and can't remember them. This makes it easy to cut and paste into the fields when you are creating your listing.
Well, it's done and I finally have more than 4 items in my shop: 22 and more on the way. Come check it out! I welcome (and encourage) your feedback.

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